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The Wildlife Diaries is a wildlife travel blog. Here you will find detailed wildlife watching destination guides, affordable itineraries for nature adventures and wildlife holidays, wildlife guides, tips on where to find particular species of wildlife and how to see them in the most ethical and responsible manner. To start your journey, check out the featured posts below or explore the categories in the menu above

Wildlife Travel Destinations

There aren’t many travel experiences more rewarding than seeing wild animals in their natural habitat. Explore the best wildlife travel destinations and get inspired by the beauty of the incredible creatures with whom we share our planet.

Nature Adventures in Sydney

Surrounded by National Parks and the Pacific Ocean, Sydney is superbly positioned for outdoor exploration. You can watch the epic migration of Humpback whales, spot iconic Australian wildlife or immerse yourself in the vastness of the ancient mountains or sweeping coastal landscapes all within easy reach from the city. Or take a road trip up the central coast or down the south coast to explore the wider region.

On the Trail of the Wild Cats

A few years ago I set myself on an ambitious quest to see all 40 species of wild cats in their natural habitat. For me, felids, the members of the wild cat family Felidae, are nature’s Greatest Hits. This quest is likely to take a lifetime – some wild cats are so elusive that they are hardly ever seen. So far, I managed to track down 17 cat species. In the Wild Cats category, I offer tips on the best tours and destinations for anyone wishing to follow in my footsteps of watching wild cats in their element.

About Me

My name is Margarita and I am a Russian-born wanderer currently settled in Australia. I travel mostly in search of wildlife encounters with occasional culture trips in between.

My background is in wildlife conservation, but today, I wear many hats: a travel writer, a wildlife photographer and as of 2020, a postgraduate researcher exploring human-felid coexistence.

Read my Travel CV in Sydney Sun Herald’s Escape section to get a sense of the adventures that wildlife travel entails.

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